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Chủ đề: HDHC (E) Overlord

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    RoseannaMc Guest

    HDHC (E) Overlord

    Em là mem mới , đóng góp tí chút [IMG]emoj/fb-big-smile.png[/IMG] , nguồn http://guides.gamepressure.com (ai biết ồi thì thui) , em sẽ up dần dần :

    1.Retrieve the Tower Heart:
    Now it’s time for the first serious task. Teleport to the outside world, you’ll see spawning pit on your left (#1). Call all your 3 minions and follow the path down and then left. Send minions to kill the sheepies you see there (#2) and bring their life force to you (collecting life force increses the number of your minion potential). Go further and you’ll se some tall vases – tell your minions to empty them the way they can and usually do that meaning: break. Come back to the waypoint (#1) – now you can call 5 minions in total so call the other 2.

    Walk down the path –you’ll see a broken pillar on your right. Since you can direct 5 minions now – send them to move it to make the pass to the next areas (#1). Walk ahead, listen to Bob’s story and then break the pumpkins, sunflowers and the hut (#2) with your minions. And get rid of the first halfling you’ll meet there – he’s an enemy but no threat to you – just hit him with your axe.

    There’s a pass on the left from the hut – just break the barriers there and head along the path. You’ll pass by some mushrooms – let your minions smash them for fun if you want to (#1). Now there’s a bridge and some halflings sleeping around (#2) - kill. Your minions should have no problem with them.

    Keep walking the path – now right – you’ll come to a pumpkins farm. Destroy them – so you can retrieve the Tower Heart! Send your minions to take it – they’ll carry it to the waypoint (#1). But they’ll need some help from you too: hit the stone wall with your axe to make the bridge for your guys (#2).

    So, the first mission completed. Just follow your minions to the waypoint now – the same which brought you here – and teleport to your tower. Now you have 10 minions to dispose and also, you’ll learn your first spell – fireball. Soon you’ll have lots of opportunities to use it.
    2.Find a Crane for the Tower renovation
    Time to leave and start the exciting life of Overlord. For the moment you can visit only Mellow Hills – go ahead. Take 10 minions from the spawning pit and just like the first time, go kill the sheepies around. Remember! – the more enemies or creatures you kill – the more minions grow in the pits. Now go back to where you started. There’s a bridge on your right – the one you’ve made a while ago (#1). Further across you’ll find another piece of broken pillar. Send all your minions to move it (#2) and follow the path right to see a scene.

    Walk further and you’ll see a small yellow field on your right. Throw a fireball to burn the halflings hiding there (#1). When the fire fades send your minions to grab the leftovers. Follow the path and deal with another group of halflings exactly the same way (you’ll find some gold on the right). Go ahead and prepare for some more battles – collect life force! Watch a scene, ignore the peasants by the road (#2), follow straight ahead for some time and then turn right.

    If you need, sacrifice some minions in the blood pit (#1) but if you followed the directions, you should be A-Ok. Go right behind the blood pit to find mana pit where you can exchange minions for mana – do it and come back to the path you’ve come from. A bit ahead there’s a spawning pit where you can replenish your minions. You’ll need them because there’s quite a mess right ahead of you. Walk down and take care of the halflings (#2), then send your minions to the wheel by the gate. Be careful as there’s quite many guys to deal with. Try keepig a distance, use fireball when possible. You can always come back to the spawning pit for more minions, mana and energy. Now, go up the hill to your right for a moment - to gather the sheepies’ life force - and walk through the gate you’ve opened with the mechanism.

    You’re in the new area: Slave Camp. If you need, call your minions from the spawning pit on your right (#1). Walk along the path and you’ll meet a peasant (#2). Don’t hurt him, though, just walk to your left and prepare for the next fight with the halflings.

    The first group there isn’t much threat so just send your minions to fight them (#1). Save your mana and energy for the tough guy ahead. When you’re done with them, follow the path with torches along it – there are quite many enemies all around. Start with these throwing stones from upstairs (#2), then walk down and get rid of the rest.

    Send your little helpers to turn the wheel (#1) to let the peasants free. Now take the path to the left. Fight the halflings on the way and you’ll find blood pit and spawning pit (#2). Use them if you need and walk down.

    Here it is - your first boss to fight. Apparently, this troll’s been on junkfood for quite a long time (#1). It’s strong, but very
    slow. Send your minions to it and draw them back when you see it’s going to jump. Hit him at sides and from the back with your axe; use fireball. Some of your companions will die, but surely they’ll have been happy to sacrifice their lives for You. When you’re done with this one, send your minions to the mechanism by the gate to open it. Behind, there’s the crane we’ve come for. Send some of your fellows to take it to the teleport (#2), the rest – to another mechanism (upstairs on the right), and teleport to your tower.

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    FDeaton Guest
    khi làm topic cậu phải dịch ra hoặc đánh bằng tiếng việt chứ!!!

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    vip-yte Guest
    Đây là phần hướng dẫn = Tiếng Anh nên viết Tiếng Anh ở đây hoàn toàn Ok .
    Cám ơn bạn đã đóng góp .

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    Lashunda10 Guest
    chỗ hướng dẫn này chưa đc 1/4 của game :|

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    TeresaB015 Guest
    cậu á6y bảo sẽ up dần dần mà , đừng hối chứ )

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