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    Chesterel Guest

    Call of Duty : Black ops 3 - Zombie | Shadow of Evil's Guide

    For people who still doesnt know how to play this awesome map , you should take a look!
    This is how you build the sword, Parts Location, and where to craft it!

    4 Sacrifice's Locations to the place where u can PACK-A-PUNCH

    You wanna make a Rocket Shield? Here you go!

    Want some Super Powerful Magical Weapon? Fk this thing!

    Extra tips : How to PACK-A-PUNCH IN ROUND 1

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    wassing123 Guest
    ê ông chém tiếng việt đi =))

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    duykhoa Guest
    ngon mà add face anh đi , có gì làm cái group chém cho tiện https://www.facebook.com/hoang.xoayton [IMG]emoj/fb_tounge.png[/IMG]

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